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Ai wingman flight commands

You can either change a channel on your radio buffer bar in the game to 114 and type these commands on that channel, or begin each command by typing .flitecom command;(ex. .flitecom s gv will send your Ai wingee to attack a Ground Vehicle, on channel 114, you would only need to type s gv to execute the same.)


x - break off
c - check in
e - engage
s - strike
s gv - strike ground vehicle
s ak - strike fixed ack or arty
s go - strike ground structures
f - form up
l field number - land at said field (ex. l 13 Ai will land at field 13)
fl length - set spread length between planes (ex. fl 1000 will set your Ai 1000 ft away)

You can also command your Ai wingman to fly a given formation, at given distance away.You type these commands in the same manner as above, either on channel 114, beginning with the letter ' f ', or, preceeded by .flitecom command ... You can either type the whole formation position out in the command, or just use the position number. (ex. .flitecom ladder 300 will move Ai wingee into the ladder position at 300 ft. away. And typed on channel 114, the same command would be typed like this f 5 300. You can also use a negative flight distance amount to make your wingee fly ahead of you, instead of trailing, ( ex. on ch. 114 type f 5 -300. This will set your wingman to the ladder position 300 feet ahead of you).

Commands for Ai wingee formations:

0 - wedge
1 - vic
2 - eschelon right
3 - eschelon left
4 - trail
5 - ladder
6 - diamond
7 - combat
8 - road
9 - line abreast
10 - inverted ladder