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Artillery Spotting

Towns and villages provide artillery support. The artillery batteries have a maximum range of 20 miles. It takes about 60 seconds for a round to land from the time it is fired at maximum range. The town or village nearest to your position fires the round. All ground vehicles and aircraft with more than one position (ie gunnery positions) can call for artillery.

Firing Artillery

1. Fly over, or drive to the target. (only certain vehicles can call arty)

2. Open the radio bar and fire a spotting round using the .spot command. This round is aimed at your position plus D2 in the direction you are heading. You are notified of how long the round will take to hit.

3. Adjust the firing aim from a spotting round impact with the .correct xxx yyyy command, where xxx is the compass bearing from the previous impact in degrees from north, (not from your heading) and yyyy is the range from previous impact in yards up to a maximum of 1000.

4. Continue adjusting .correct xxx yyyy after each impact, as necessary.

5. When the spotting artillery hits the target, call in a barrage with the .barrage command. For Example: Flying a B25 over a town, I open the Radio bar and type .spot. The "Artillery spotting round will hit in 35 seconds" message appears. The round hits about 900 yards southwest of the target. I then type .correct 45 900 (as the round has hit to the southwest, I need it to move to the northeast, which is 45 degrees). The next round hits the target, so I call in a barrage with .barrage.

Firing a barrage clears all spotting and adjustment targeting. Firing a spotting round clears all spotting and adjustments. If you become confused during adjustment, simply fire another spotting round .spot and begin adjusting from there.

Degrees of the Compass

North is 0 degrees, and travelling in a clockwise direction from there,
East is 90 degrees, South 180 degrees and West 270 degrees.