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crowww Hi everybody, this is the old crow, but you can call me CROWWW. I joined JG-51 in March, 2012. Before this, I was with the 100th Bomb Group. My first Warbirds Squad was the 493rd Fighter Squadron back in 1998. This was a ground attack squad. For strange reason, I kept getting shot down, hmmm. So, I decided to try my hand at flying bomber. When I met FLYMAN online, he talked me into joining the 100th BG(H). At this time, I had taken quite an interest in flying bomber, and I had always loved the B-17. So, I quit the 493rd FS, and joined the 100thBG(H). During my career there, I went from Sergeant to Commanding Officer. There, It was a privilege to fly with GUNNER, RAILRD, ROADKI, ZIPPER, PMIKLA, and others I can't remember. These guys were the founding members of the 100th, with Gunner being the founder, and CO of the Group. After my term as CO, I decided to quit Warbirds, due to personal reasons. I even attended the Warbirds Bomber School. It taught me a lot about what I am flying, and how to do it. LOL, I still have the manual!!! But then, I kept most of the paperwork when I was in the 100thBG(H). Around 2 years ago, I got the itch to fly again. Since the 100th BG(H) had been disbanded, I had to find another Group. Col DEDEYE, CO of the 550th Bomb Group, remembered me, and was more than happy to take me in his Group. But after a while, I noticed that the 100th BG(H) had been re-activated, so I joined them. After a year, I quit, and joined JG-51.

I also enjoy a good tank battle game. I started playing Panzer 44. There was a demo of Warbirds on the disc, so that's how I found Warbirds. I also played Panzer Killer ,First Battalion, and Iron Fist 3. Of course I played Armored Assault, and now M4 Tank Brigade. Sometimes, I fly MS Flight Sim 2000, and now MS Flight Sim X. Another game I really enjoyed was Ghost Recon.

Being an Air Force brat, I've always loved planes. I joined the Army after school to go in the Infantry. After 8 years serving in the Royal Canadian Regiment, I decided to go Air Force. There I became an Aircraft Refinisher, and finished off 22 years service. During this time, I got the highest score in Canada for trade exams. I also hold my Automotive Painting License. I retired in 2000. Being in the Military was a good experience. I've been all over Europe, and South and Central America.

Currently, I live with my wife, Lee here in Vancouver. Currently, I am working with Veterans Affairs. I also play drums in a band playing classic rock. We also love our pet rats.

Being with JG-51 is a bit of a different experience for me; being a bomber pilot in a fighter squad. But I have a lot of respect for those I fly with. Other than being good pilots, these guys really know their aircraft. You gotta like that!!! Watch your 6, and mine.


My Squad Select Series stats - S3

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